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A metal fabricator is a company or an individual who fabricates metal products. This includes bending, cutting, and joining of metal pieces into different shapes. Some industries that utilize metal fabricators include automotive, construction, aerospace, consumer goods, and industrial design.

Is a metal fabricator the same as a welder?

Metal fabricators typically work for manufacturing companies. Typical job duties include welding, cutting, and quality control. They also may operate automated machinery. Those who are interested in becoming metal fabricators should attend trade school, where they receive training in welding and metal fabrication.

In the past few years, the metal fabrication industry has seen a shift in its business model. The recession has affected some businesses. However, other companies have experienced growth. OEMs have reduced the number of suppliers, and have restructured their supply chains.

In order to maintain a competitive edge, metal fabricators are developing novel methods that enable them to meet client needs. Their capacity is also increasing. By investing in flexible metal fabrication equipment, they can quickly ramp up their productivity.

Aside from a high level of technical expertise, metal fabricators must also be comfortable working with automated machinery. They also need to have a strong working knowledge of computer software. Having a good understanding of blue prints is also helpful.

Various raw materials are used to create fabricated metal products. These include aluminum, copper, brass, steel, and titanium. Aluminum is popular because of its luster and lightness. Steel is preferred for its high strength to weight ratio.

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