Transformational Breath Classes Near You

transformational breath near me

A Transformational Breath class near you offers you a way to transform your life. It is a powerful self-healing technique that will open up your breathing patterns and help you open up the subconscious mind. You will experience a permanent transformation in your energy and experience of life. The breath is the key to happiness, which Jesus once said. So, take your breath, and breathe deeply. You’ll soon notice that you feel more calm and centered.

Experienced And Highly Qualified In The Field

During a breather session, you’ll lay on a mat and listen to meditative music. The breathing process is open-ended, so the sitter and breather can derive meaning from their experience and reach self-discovery. You’ll likely be invited to draw mandalas or journal about your experience. The breather and sitter will then switch roles for subsequent sessions, allowing you to work on whatever comes up.

You can find a transformational breath near me at one of the following locations: Jennifer McLaughlin – The founder of the transformational breath foundation and owner of White Wind Holistic Health in Fort Myers, Florida. Ristevski holds monthly group sessions in Fort Myers and Naples. Participants have regularly reported improved physical health, cleared emotional wounds, increased mental capacity, and deeper connection to spirit. You’ll have the opportunity to learn the techniques of this ancient practice from professionals who are experienced and highly qualified in the field.

There are also many workshops and seminars held by trainers of Transformational Breath. You can learn from these professionals and gain access to a wide range of benefits for yourself and your loved ones. The program is taught by Dr. Judith Kravitz, an ordained minister and doctor of metaphysics. She has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide with its breathwork technique. She is the founder and executive director of the Transformational Breath Foundation.

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