What Is a Staffing Agency?

A staffing agency is a company that fills jobs for both the employer and employee. In most developed countries, a privately-run staffing agency and an officially-run staffing agency coexist. In countries without full government control over labor, a third-party agency fills jobs in the informal sector – such as call centers and retail shops. This link – https://www.defenderservices.com/

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Private staffing agencies are generally smaller than government agencies, and are therefore less able to provide better services. An unsecured contract between an employer and an staffing agency does not require the employers to take on financial risks. Instead, they just pay temporary employees directly, instead of hiring and paying a temporary worker (which costs them money). And while an unemployed worker may wish to continue looking for a job, often they do not have time to search, as most temp agencies require a commitment of a few months. That is why, most temp agencies are run by small companies with few employees, and are thus only able to fill a limited number of permanent positions at any one time.

The official government staffing agencies are able to hire the same number of permanent employees as a private company can apply for – and they usually have the resources and experience to do so. However, they are much better established and have developed systems to successfully recruit, train and place people in permanent positions. They also have established systems for collecting the data required to determine their staffing needs and for billing their employers for their services. The smaller and more informal staffing agencies operate entirely in the informal sector, and cannot afford the investment or the system infrastructure required by the government agencies. These agencies are more like “call centers”, allowing them to fill a limited number of permanent positions at any one time, but only if they have the staff and knowledge to do so.

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