What Is a Wheel Caster?

A caster is an undriven wheel designed to be used to support a larger object. It allows the object to be moved or shifted. The caster comes in different shapes, sizes, and materials.

What is the minimum diameter of caster Wheels?

Casters can be made of steel, aluminum, nylons, elastomers, and polyurethane. They can also have ball bearings, roller bearings, or Delrin. Wheel types include radial, directional, semi-steel, and pneumatic.

Wheel caster are available in two-, three-, and four-inch diameters. Wheels can be hard or soft. Hard wheels are suitable for use on smooth concrete floors, while softer wheels can be used on various floor surfaces with debris.

The overall height of a caster is also important. This includes the height of the wheel and the frame. Having the right caster height means your vehicle can be turned and steered safely and efficiently.

The amount of positive caster on the caster will have a big impact on steering. Positive caster increases the tire lean during cornering and helps the car to return to its upright position after a turn.

If a caster is installed outside of the manufacturer’s recommended range, it can cause handling issues. It can also lead to excessive tire wear. Fortunately, most drivers can easily adjust the caster to get a comfortable balance.

Casters are also useful for industrial plants that have ergonomic needs. The Institute of Caster and Wheel Manufacturers (ICWM) has developed a performance standard for casters that provides a common basis for evaluating casters.

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